About Directors - Han Ly & Crystal Li

Han Ly and Crystal Li have been dancing together since 2009.  With passion and drive, this dynamic duo moved up the ranks and levels very quickly.  They turned professional in 2014 after being in the CDDSC (Canadian Dance & Dance Sport Council) & NDCC (National Dance Council of Canada) Canadian Amateur Final 3 years in a row.  They are fulfilling their dreams of opening a dance studio and sharing their dance knowledge to new dancers and experienced dance competitors.  They have trained and competed internationally in England, Hong Kong, Korea and the U.S.A. Their belief is that no human is ever complete and should always strive to learn and work to be better.  Dance, like fashion, changes and they hope to keep up with the trends of the dance industry and share the most up-to-date technique and style to their students.

Major Achievements:

- WORLD Professional 10 Dance Semi-Finalist (2018)
- NDCC Canadian Closed Professional 10 Dance Vice Champions (2017 & 2018)
- NDCC Canadian Closed Standard Championships Finalist
- NDCC Canadian Closed Latin Championships Finalist
- UK 10 Dance Championships (England) Top 15
- Semi-Finalists in all major USA competitions  


Coaching Achievements:

- BC Closed Juvenile (Under 12) Latin Champions

- BC Closed Junior (Under 16) Latin Champions

Han Ly (Other Training):

- Ballet
- Jazz
- Hip Hop
- Musical Theater
- Gymnastics

Crystal Li (Other Training):

- Ballet
- Rhythmic Gymnastics
- Swim Instructor/ Lifeguard
- Personal Trainer
- Group Fitness Instructor

Dream.  Believe. Achieve.


Han & Crystal are currently training with World Renown Coach Shirley Ballas...